Maintenance & Support Services


Once your product is developed our support & maintenance model allows you to manage long-term maintenance and technical support. We can keep working on new features of your software, handle your questions and emerging issues as well as develop and implement improvements.

Our support & maintenance model is designed to address your key concerns on full time availability and secured access. It enables you to focus on your core business activities and yield better work productivity.Application Maintenance and Support activities include the skills and requirements for supporting application systems, including troubleshooting, modifying, maintaining and enhancing legacy systems.

We understands that computer code becomes a vital a part of a client's business. it's very important that the package be with efficiency maintained and issues quickly resolved. The applications should stay useful and prepared to handle new opportunities and business desires.

Software Maintenance Procedure

Minimizing software system down-time is that the main purpose of software system maintenance procedures. Clamour Technologies software system solutions maintain average accessibility of 99.8%. This interprets to no over 17.5 hours period of time each year for maintenance procedures and different problems.

  • User support may be extended among the assurance, guaranteeing that user queries area unit saw throughout a secure amount of your time. As a result, staff will perform their jobs with efficiency.
  • Developer resource and user support may be created out there 24/7, identical day, or succeeding day. the chosen possibility depends on however important the interval is for your business.
  • Recommendations for software system improvement, as well as calculations of upgrade prices and outcome
  • Optimization of maintenance ways for the particular software system resolution
  • Selection of the foremost effective software system observation tools for this software system resolution

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