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NEURO INFOMATICS PVT. Ltd. is built on a tradition of breakthroughs and innovative solutions. And what we do today will begin to map the landscape of tomorrow. Progress does not happen by following the rules. It occurs when someone comes with the courage and the vision to break the thought of barrier, someone determined enough to accomplish what happen impossible to everyone else. This is the sprit of "NEURO INFOMATICS " More than anything else; it is the ability to turn dreams into world leading businesses, which make us NEURO INFOMATICS.

We combine the best people, processes and technology to achieve excellent results consistently. We understand the importance of timing, of getting there before the competition. A righ portfolio of reusable, modular frameworks helps jump-start projects. Tried and tested methodology ensures that we follow a predictable, low-risk path to achieve results. Our track record is testimony to complex project delivered within and even before schedule.

portal development
Our web portals provide you with a dynamic and engaging user experience to build your reputation while also adding value.
mobile development
Skilled iOS & Android developers with endless curiosity to create apps as per client’s business requirements.
software testing
Process-oriented approach with customized and automated testing procedures to offer the best quality software.
Our digital marketing strategy focuses on generating brand loyalty, increasing conversions, and attracting traffic.
Support and maintenance
Our team works as an extension of your business to give continuous tech support and keep solutions updated and relevant.
dedicated team
We provide technology and business resources to supplement your in-house team, sharing core values.
We help in building innovative technology products and assist our clients in reducing time to market, improve operational efficiency, and become industry leaders.
Our Approach
Interactive communication to understand particular business requirements, which develops into a project scope that is aligned to meet expected results
Creating effective UI/UX and working on Web and Mobile technologies to deliver a customized business solution
Manual and Automated testing to be integrated throughout the life cycle of the project
Continuous development and integration with the live product to keep it business- and user-relevant
Our organization leverages a rich skillset to boost digital presence of businesses of different niches.
We are driven by a commitment to and a passion for providing our clients a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that focuses on excellent results.