Big Data Solutions

Transform Data To Insights

The current business imperative is not just to make decisions more data driven but to make them at a fast clip in response to changing marketplace dynamics. Traditional systems by themselves are inadequate to cost-effectively process the surging volumes of hybrid data and serve the complex analytics requirements of modern-day businesses. From interactive data processing and machine learning to visualization, the analytics ecosystem is fast evolving along with advances in the software ecosystem. Channel QBurst’s expertise in big data to shape your big technology decisions and build scalable and fault-tolerant big data solutions.

Our Service Portfolio
  • Big data strategy and roadmap
  • Deployment of Hadoop infrastructure
  • Enterprise data management services
  • Big data analytics on Hadoop infrastructure
  • IIoT applications
  • Social media sentiment analysis
  • Predictive analytics
  • Data migration to big data platforms
  • Data visualization
Features Of CMS

Neuro Infomatics has experience of delivering content solutions for various customers including migrating content and collaboration systems from proprietary technologies to proven Open Source technology products based solutions :

Multi-channel & Collaborative Business solution

  • Address both technical and business objectives
  • Integrate with any application – Social Media, Portal, ECM, e-Commerce, Search engine, Web Analytics etc.
  • By implementing a CRM Solutions, you are able to capture, interpret, filter and store the data that is modifiable, processable and usable to develop rewarding business strategies.
  • Support for variety of content types – video, text, blog, podcasts, polls, statistics etc.
  • Data/Content, Versioning, Classification.Storage, Disk, Volume, Archival, Backup, Retention
  • Security, Role-based Access, Encryption.Granular control – user role definitions and permissions.

Technology Expertise

  • Node
  • python
  • MongoDB
  • scala
  • JSON

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