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Product Features
+ Chroma Module (Optional)
This is an optional module which you can purchase along with this product. You can use this module to do live telecast with capturing (avi, wmv format) and chroma keying (playing video/still as a background by extracting/removing blue/green pixel from the captured frame) using TV Tuner, USB Camera and Fire wire Camera. You can define video track to play before starting and at the end of the live telecast program. It has a feature to play/insert video track in between live telecast program. The process is completely seamless (means no black framing while switching from live to video, video to live and video to video), you can use this feature to play program like Disk Jockey. There is an option to play PIP (picture in picture) on the current running program, as well as you can schedule PIP to play according to channel programs. You can schedule overlay (two layer scrolling in multicolor multi font with animated still/video strip, sponsor logo with scrolling text, channel logo, etc) according to each track and live program.

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