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NEURO INFOMATICS PVT. Ltd. is built on a tradition of breakthroughs and innovative solutions. And what we do today will begin to map the landscape of tomorrow. Progress does not happen by following the rules. It occurs when someone comes with the courage and the vision to break the thought of barrier, someone determined enough to accomplish what happen impossible to everyone else. This is the sprit of "NEURO INFOMATICS " More than anything else; it is the ability to turn dreams into world leading businesses, which make us NEURO INFOMATICS.

We combine the best people, processes and technology to achieve excellent results consistently. We understand the importance of timing, of getting there before the competition. A righ portfolio of reusable, modular frameworks helps jump-start projects. Tried and tested methodology ensures that we follow a predictable, low-risk path to achieve results. Our track record is testimony to complex project delivered within and even before schedule.

Neuro Infomatics

At NEURO INFOMATICS technical institute we committed to provide our students the best training in IT Solutions and computer hardware engineering, with continuous upgrading of the course ware and technical skills of the trainees to match the speed of day to day changes in the technical world.

Full time course

Apart from the intense theory we put more emphasis on exposing the student to the practical application of the concept. We understand that along with the theoretical knowledge what counts more is the practical experience. Therefore we put extensive focus on practical training with concept based theoretical course ware.

Efficient and trained faculty

We provide all the faculties with an engineering background selected through a strict screening procedure. We also have a continuous up-gradation program for the faculty. This ensures that the faculty is abreast of the latest development in the field and is capable of benefiting the students in the best possible manner.

Free course material

The course material published by NEURO INFOMATICS publication is provided free of cost to every student.

Professional Environment

We want our students to get an exposure to how things are done and managed in the industries. Therefore we have taken special care of the issue by providing a highly professional environment in which students will work and practice more like professionals rather than students.

Well-Equipped Computer lab

Our labs are Spacious and provide a very comfortable Environment to Study and practice. We provide the students the latest Computers with the best training available. We also have a highly resourceful Library where Students can access a wide range of Books & Multimedia resources.

Providing well defined software solutions to various clients for all kinds of requirements. Specialized Multimedia Project For Satellite Channels.

At NEURO INFOMATICS technical institute we are committed to provide our students the best training in IT Solutions and computer hardware engineering.

A well prepared software training for B.E., MCA, BCA and MSc., exposure on line industrial project. Up to date training module of Computer Hardware Maintenance and Networking ranging from +2 standards to graduation +practice industrial exposure

NEURO INFOMATICS offers specialized Strategic Global Outsourcing and IT-enabled services that enable you to eliminate resource bottlenecks, cut costs, and enhance speed and performance metrics in your organization.

Our Clients

Some of our clients that have valuable contribution in multimedia industry.